Radio transmitter with multiple switch inputs and voice storage capability.


The QuickTalk™ RQT is an industrial-grade, radio transmitter with switch inputs and voice storage capability.  It is compatible with virtually any other business-band 2-way radio, the radio can even be programmed to operate with radio repeaters.

Connect virtually any type of switch or sensor (up to 4) to the RQT switch input(s), and record a unique voice message for each of the 4 switches. When any of the switches change state your pre-recorded voice message will instantly be transmitted to all radio-equipped personnel. Each input can be programmed to transmit on a different frequency. For extended range use the optional RAM-1545 antenna. The RQT radio even works with radio repeaters.

The gasketed and sealed, polycarbonate enclosure offers built-in mounting flanges. The RQT radio can operate stand-alone on 6 AA batteries. It can also be powered externally by an optional 110V AC adaptor (# RPX-Expo).

The RQT is available with a 2Watt transmitter or a 120mWatt transmitter.


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