Repeater deployment pics

Here is a picture of a brand new VHF repeater’s first deployment.  Repeater was built for a State Search and Rescue team.

One thought on “Repeater deployment pics

  1. I’m interested in a small repeater I have a pair of VHF channels 153.320 and 158.130. I’d like to use 153.320 as the TX channel. This will be for a mixture of older Moto HT1000, Yaesu and Baofeng radios so I’m thinking a standard tone of 67.0. I have a tripod mounted antenna I want to use with a PL259 cable and I also have a Lithium Ion 12v 40ah battery with Anderson 15a Power Pole connectors I’d like to use.

    Cory Starr
    Point To Point Consulting
    Call Sign WQVM857

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