About Us

We custom build portable radio repeaters for Business, Government, Ham, GMRS, SAR, SWAT and Paramilitary use.

Originally designed for use by Homeland Security, our repeaters are rugged units, man portable and are designed with the options needed by today’s special operator. Repeaters are available in Analog, P25 and DMR Digital formats.

Repeaters can be connected to an exisitng tower/antenna, or configured with portable antenna mounts and solar power for unattended mountain top operation.  Place one in the field wherever needed.


TacticalRepeater.com is headed by a 30+ year radio technician, having established companies in 2-Way Radio, paging and Internet, working in telephony, radio and television environments, and now VOIP and IPTV delivery over a fiber network.

Working with local sherriff, police and the DEA, with staff having served as Emergency Manager and as a S.W.A.T. team member, we know communications and the needs of Special Ops.