Itinerant Frequencies

Itinerant: traveling on job; traveling from place to place.

The FCC has a pool of frequencies in the Part 90 section called Itinerant channels. These channels are perfect for a tactical repeater setup.


A big advantage to Itinerate channels: there is no need to go through frequency coordination or incur coordination fees.  To receive a license, all you pay are the FCC regulatory fees of $260.00 for 10 years.  Yep, 26 bucks a year,  or $2.16/mo. You are licensed for low power (6 watt) anywhere in the USA.  Plus encryption is legal.


To receive a license you fill out a FCC form 600, (if you get a repeater from us we will do that for you), pay your $260 bucks and you are good to go!

Business Need

Because the Itinerant channels are part of the Part 90 rule set, you do need to make a business need statement on the form 600.  For instance, say you have a few hives of bees and sell honey.  Your statement would be, “Licensee is engaged in the production of Honey.  Radios will be used to coordinate field personnel.”  Plus if you employ encryption, your conversations are totally private.

You can read more about Itinerant frequencies over at

2 thoughts on “Itinerant Frequencies

  1. actually you don’t even have to state you make honey or anything like that, you just put the number section in, a lot of people just put 90.47 or something like that.

  2. I still haven’t gotten the video tutorial about how to fill out the fcc form 601….this is now my second email to you to request it. My first email was sent to you over two weeks ago and I’m still waiting,

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